After waking up and gettingsoemthing to eat I headed to the Grand Canyon. It was a beautiful sight and since I didn’t have much time to spend there I took the trail recommended to me for being “the prettiest” with unobstructed views on the top of a ridge as you hike 6.2 miles down from the rim to the Colorado River. The once I got there, I had to take the south rim trail 2 miles out to get the the beginning of the trial head. I was amazed by the views!

After finally making it to the trailhead, I began the hike down South Kaibab with a timer set for 30 minutes. I was totally bummed it took me half the time I had there to get out but I stopped pretty much every overlook and kinda some not so official overlooks for pictures. The trail began by zig zagging along the canyon wall down to where it started following a wall that led out as the ridge till it met with the ridge itself. I was only able to get to the ridge in my time but that was about 2 miles and a good 1,000 foot drop in elevation. I didn’t realize that they didn’t sell bottles of water at the canyon but only water bottles and on the south rim it is pretty sparse so I was that tourist who showed up with just my phone ready to explore… not what I recommend doing. None the less, I made both descent and ascent with no issues and was ticked I needed to get going because I would loved to have spend all day hiking down and then camp and hike back up another trail the next day. I am hoping that in the future there is another Grand Canyon trip for me and I’m going to definitely be doing some more hiking!

Once back on the rim, I had just under an hour to make it back to the room and get checked out. I was actually ahead of my mental schedule and went over to the bus stop and hopped on the one that said “village route” and didn’t think a thing… until we turned right instead of left at the exit. I cool and calmly asked the person setting beside me which bus this was and was met with “Blue” in reply. I nodded my head and then looked back out the window while internally there was something of a panic attack coupled with frenzied fear raging. So at the first stop I sprinted back to the opposite direction bus and made it back in less than 5 minutes. The only problem was the “Purple” route (the “Village Route” you can see my confusion and no they aren’t different colored busses) was just departing and it would be another 15 minutes before it returned. So I had to get an extension on the room checkout and then grabbed a quick shower, packed up, and ran downstairs about an hour behind schedule. I took the shuttle to the airport where the aircraft needed fueling and then realized it was after 2 PM and my plans to make it to the Midwest plains today were about shot. 

The flight to Santa Fe was nice. Going home, I am taking as direct a route as possible but still having to cut around mountains so I flew just south of an east heading to get around some 13,000 peaks towards the north of Santa Fe. My plan was be in the northwestern corner of Texas this evening but when I landed I realized the time change put me even further behind schedule. Thankfully there’s only one more of time change to go. The flight was a mixed bag of topography: painted desert was absolutely stunning and the pictures don’t capture the actually thing at all. There were forest and then more desert so quite a bit to see in a few hundred miles of flying. 

Tomorrow I hope to be sitting around the Oklahoma/Arkansas line and make it home by Thursday early afternoon. Weather looks great so lets hope that Molly keeps chugging along to make that happen!