This morning was a special treat for me! Once we finished breakfast, Mr. Dennis Lord, Aviation Commissioner of LA county, swung by the hotel and picked up mom and me for a tour of some aviation related sights and also to just take me around town and to his work (which we will get to). The first stop was the site of the first American Airmeet in 1910 in the Long Beach area. There was a plaque with the details of the meet on the side of the road and we stopped and looked at it before going over to the airport.

We stopped at the Experimental Aviation Association hangar on the Compton airport (where I landed a couple days ago) and he showed me around the chapter hangar. He is the president for the next two years so it was a bonus for me in the trip. I saw some amazing things including a Pietenpol Camper being build and a couple really cool Long EZs.

After that, we stopped by the Dominguez home but it was closed so we peered through the windows at the aviation room and then we proceeded to where Mr. Dennis worked. I didn’t know what to expect honestly. We entered and I found an amazing collection of automobiles as well as many custom hotrods that he was working on! He worked for a gentleman who had the most extensive private collection of cars I have ever seen. He is the electrician who wires the automobiles (both for the collector and for the shop).

He even owns one of the DeLorians from Back to the Future 2!

KITT from “Knight Rider”

He owned one of the 8 actual Bat Mobiles…!

I was blown away by the collection but the coolest part was his “famous cars.” He has one of the DeLorians used in filming Back to the Future 2 and he also has K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider. He had several others including one of the 8 actual “Batmobiles” that were made and then numerous other ones I didn’t recognize or know of. After seeing the cool cars, we went back over to the airport and we got a picture of the Maule together and then he dropped us back off at the hotel. I had an amazing time and was absolutely privileged to get to meet Mr. Dennis! Looking froward to keeping in contact in the future.

He was (in his own words) 5′ 21″…

Once we left, I finished my flight plan and then packed up the stuff I needed before heading to the airport. One of the advantages of having mom here was I could load all the stuff I don’t need up and send it with her when she leaves so I don’t have to lug a bunch of stuff back across the country. I planned the flight from Long Beach airport to Grand Canyon airport and realized that it would be almost a 4 hour flight. To help make sure I had plenty of fuel, I flew at 11,000 feet and leaned out the fuel to burn about 5-7 gallons an hour. I landed having only burned 24 gallons of fuel in 3.9 hours of flying. Not bad considering I had to climb up to 11,000 feet as well! This flight may have been some of the most beautiful scenery that I have seen the entire trip! From ocean to mountain to desert to canyons! It was absolutely gorgeous but picture speak for themselves.

Now that I am here at the Grand Canyon, I have eaten a small supper before heading to bed early. My plan is to go hiking a little tomorrow morning early and then leave the airport around noon headed East till dark. I hopefully will be out in the plains of Oklahoma or Kansas depending on how I have to wiggle around the mountains to get out of here!