After completing the trip yesterday, I wanted to take a day and just rest before returning to middle Tennessee. Mom and I woke up and got the chance to watch our home church’s services before heading out for some sightseeing. It was a blessing because the message today was honestly an answer to some prayers I’ve had as of late in my own life, and I personally felt that it was just what I needed in the form of guidance along the path God has for me. After we loaded up and got in the car, we headed towards the northwest (near LAX) for a tour that mom was wanting to do. I wasn’t all to keen on it but figured it would be a good rest.

Passed the Goodyear blimp on the way to the tour today.
Killing time driving to the tour
The Canal near Venice, California

After loading up on the tour bus which was packed with the exception of one seat, we headed northwest even further towards Santa Monica and made our first stop at Venice. It was an interesting little town which a plethora of younger people who made the beach and strip mall a melting pot for every kind of person imaginable. And trust me when I say it was every single kind of person imaginable! We ended up finding a taco truck and were able to grab a quick lunch before getting back on the 5 hour bus tour.

Beach at Marina del Rey.
The Santa Monica Pier.

Back on the bus we headed up to Santa Monica. Once there, we passed the pier where mom and I would return for supper and then continued on towards Hollywood. I can honestly say that big cities are not a problem for me but I had no desire to spend any more time than I had to at Hollywood. I went and took the picture and loaded up! I can stand crowds but not that type! Just a slew of people from every race imaginable and all speaking different languages with loud music and traffic: it was a recipe for headaches. We stopped by a Starbucks on the way back and picked up some gifts in a local souvenir store and then we loaded back up for the farmers market.

Bus tour selfie.

After loading up, we went down to the Sunset Boulevard and got to see several celeberaties’ homes. There was a long list but some of the celebrities who either currently or at one time lived in the house were Paris Hilton, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air (location), Jerry Lewis, Sylvester Stallone, Ron Howard, and George Clooney. Honestly the only one I cared about was Nicholas Cage who actually still lived in the house and was having furniture moved in when we rode by.

Nicolas Cage’s house. Pretty covered by the wall and bushes.
Hollywood, Cal.

After we left the residential area we arrived at the farmers market. I expected to see a bunch of farmers at a market: what the name implied. But apparently this was “city folk” farmer’s market which was a misleading name for a “mall.” We went into a couple of stores so mom could find some gifts for the nieces and then I browsed Barns & Noble for a while looking at the book collection they had. Eventually we loaded back up on the bus and headed back to the station for the completion of the tour.

Driving under LAX approach threshold.
End of 66.
Under the final point of 66 on the pier.
Santa Monican sunset

After finishing the tour we headed back up to Santa Monica where we got supper at the pier and then headed back to the hotel room. I am looking forward to meeting with the Aviation Commissioner of LA county tomorrow morning before heading home after a great rest following the completion of the trip! Hope to make the Grand Canyon before tomorrow evening, weather and maintenance permitting! Looking forward to being home sometime this week!